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Is my data secure?

July 10, 2014 4:13 PM

A lot of people think that because the data is available thru their Internet connection, it is more at risk than when stored on a computer in their office. They are right and wrong at the same time.

It is not very different from questioning whether you should store your money at the bank or below your mattress. When at the bank, people will know where the money is but at the same time the bank is a professional institution taking security very seriously. On the other side, when below your mattress, you think no-one will ever look for it there and that it is safe.

Same thing for your data, when stored with us, we are professionals taking security very seriously:

  • All communication is encrypted using HTTPS just like banking sites
  • We are certified by Visa and MasterCard by an independent auditor (Security Metrics) as such they audit us every quarter for compliance.

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