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About Us

The Trade Alliance Team is  made of a mix Barter Professionals and Professional Developers.

The Barter Professionals

Various members of the team use the barter software to run their own business, so we definitely use input from all exchanges to make sure we always are on the cutting edge of technology. Some other are fully dedicated to making your exchange successful using our barter software and provide you with 50+ years of combined experience to guide you on your journey. 15 years of uninterrupted service to many of the finest exchanges in America.

The Developers

The developers working to maintain the software and infrastructure are veterans in Software Engineering with experience ranging from 15 to 25+ years.


  • We’ve been in business since 2004 supplying software to many barter exchanges including some of the largest exchanges in the US.
  • We have about 100 exchanges as part of the network
  • We have 35,000+ active members shared among all our customers
  • We have processed 9,000,000+ transactions