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As an exchange using The Trade Alliance world class barter software you are able to barter with ten’s of thousands of businesses throughout the US when your exchange is part of The Trade Alliance family of barter companies.

No hidden fees, no barter fees, and unlimited consulting and assistance. No charge to host your website if you choose to have us host your site.

Find accommodations in places like Hawaii, Phoenix, Costa Rica, Belize, Orlando, Houston, St. Louis, Mexico and  many other destinations.



Any exchange, anywhere can now do trades with any barter company worldwide.

They simply have to join and they will have access to all the other exchanges that join.

Cost is $25.00 per year then only 1/2 of 1% transaction fee on any sale or purchase. Just like UC but without the high monthly and annual fees.

Sell goods and services to a much larger network than before. We recognize that most business is done with your own members but every exchange has things that need more exposure.

Members also need a wider range of goods and services than any 1 exchange or network can offer.

Exchanges that join also will have access to the contact information of every other exchange in this network. Need a hotel or resort in another city or country? Reach out to an exchange in that area and they often will be able to accommodate you. Every exchange also has goods and services that are either not bought or services that are under used. Post them here and you will have the opportunity to reach more people than ever before., run by barter professionals with over 50 years in the barter industry and over 15 years of offering barter software.

You can also e-mail us at or call direct at 352 505-4848 and we will be happy to discuss this opportunity with you.

The Trade Alliance software now has a rewards Program so every barter exchange in The Trade Alliance network can offer their members  cash back rewards.

QR Cards, you design and can designate any member, spouse, child, or partner to get their own card, and then using the QR card do transactions, anywhere scanning the card thru a smart phone. More secure than a credit card as no one can use a scan device to get your card number. Card can be deactivated by you in a matter of seconds.

I will be logged in to SKYPE most days whenever I am in the office. Could be anytime between Midnight and 4PM Eastern time. If you need a quick chat via instant messaging that is the place to do that. Calls should still be directed to the office on my direct line, 352 505-4848

My SKYPE name is alanmink

The Trade Alliance has added another software developer to the staff and added a staff member to be available to all exchange owners and brokers. Manning an exchange “Help Line”, exchange owners and brokers can contact the help line by phone or E-mails and get assistance to answer any questions they may have.

It is a fact that every exchange does approximately 85% of its business within it’s own membership but travel is the number one reason to do transactions with another barter exchange. As a member of The Trade Alliance you have access to many resorts, hotels and bed and breakfast around the US and other countries. It is impossible to list all places to travel but some of the most often visited are: Various destinations in Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, Southern Ca., Phoenix, Tucson, Virginia Beach, Many locations in FL. incl Clearwater and Orlando, the “Keys”, St. Louis, Houston, and many more. Overall several hundred properties are available.

Right from your mobile phone with at least support for WAP you or your members can post transactions.

The interface is designed so that even with a small screen it can be used.
It also takes into account the small keyboard and with a minimum of typing your transaction will be posted.

For managers this interface allows to post transactions on behalf of any of their members.


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The mobile app for all software users in The Trade Alliance® is now active, customized for each exchange with their member list and their feature items from the Marketplace and accessible from any smart phone or tablet.

We are now in the year of mobile devices. Trends shows that more and more people will browse the Internet using their phone, smart phone or tablet instead of a regular computer.

Note that the mobile app is customized for your exchange and your members and they can access your member list, do transactions and e-mail or phone any of your members with one click. See this article for some screenshots. Members can now also download scrip / Certificates that are offered in The Marketplace so they no longer have to wait for them to be mailed to them.

2014 started out very strong with sales within the network increasing 17.4% in January 2014 vs. January of 2013. Members within the network increased by 708 in the first half, adding to the total membership in the network that is already the largest network of independent barter exchanges in North America. Since January 2014 also welcomed in 12 new or existing exchanges that have chosen The Trade Alliance® as their software provider.