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Over 20 years ago we changed the cost to run your barter company. Before The Trade Alliance you had few choices and they wanted 20% of your profits to use their software. We introduced  a better software with the best support  and a fixed cost that would never exceed $500.00 per month and now it even cost less.

Now we revolutionize the cost to run your barter company again and lowered costs.

Complete online barter software for operating your barter company and you will never pay more than $395.00 per month no matter how much business you do and never pay a barter fee! Also a guarantee that you will never pay more than $395.00 and now one of the most important factor in choosing a software platform how much do you pay?  If you are paying someone their typical monthly fee of $500.00 per month or more you will save over $1200.00 per year for as long as you are in business!

As an exchange using The Trade Alliance world class barter software you are able to barter with ten’s of thousands of businesses throughout the US when your exchange is part of The Trade Alliance family of barter companies.

No hidden fees, no barter fees, and unlimited consulting and assistance. No charge to host your website if you choose to have us host your site.

Find accommodations in places like Hawaii, Phoenix, Costa Rica, Belize, Orlando, Houston, St. Louis, Mexico and  many other destinations.



QR Cards, you design and can designate any member, spouse, child, or partner to get their own card, and then using the QR card do transactions, anywhere scanning the card thru a smart phone. More secure than a credit card as no one can use a scan device to get your card number. Card can be deactivated by you in a matter of seconds.

I will be logged in to SKYPE most days whenever I am in the office. Could be anytime between Midnight and 4PM Eastern time.

If you need a quick chat via instant messaging that is the place to do that. Calls should still be directed to the office on my direct line, 352 270-9085

If I am showing as offline at SKYPE you can still send a message which we will respond to as soon as we login.

My SKYPE name is alanmink

All barter software providers have their own template. Do you want your site to look like everyone else’s? With The Trade Alliance we too have a template that you can use but we recommend that you use one of the many website designers we have in the network on trade (currently over 90 website designers) and choose a website from WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal and have them build your site the way you want it. Once you do that we simply provide you with 2 links, one for members to login and another for members to join your exchange. You then do not look like any other barter exchange. Some examples of sites in our network with their own custom site are:,,, (our marketing site).

It is a fact that every exchange does approximately 85% of its business within it’s own membership but travel is the number one reason to do transactions with another barter exchange. As a member of The Trade Alliance you have access to many resorts, hotels and bed and breakfast around the US and other countries. It is impossible to list all places to travel but some of the most often visited are: Various destinations in Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, Southern Ca., Phoenix, Tucson, Virginia Beach, Many locations in FL. incl Clearwater and Orlando, the “Keys”, St. Louis, Houston, and many more. Overall several hundred properties are available.

Fees for use of the full barter software package are the lowest in the industry for the best barter software available; .5% (1/2 of 1%) of transactions with a maximum cost of $395.00 per month and no additional monthly fees.  No fees charged in barter.

As a member of  The Trade Alliance family you and your members can trade seamlessly with ten’s of thousands of other members in the network.

Trades can be done 24/7 365 through your mobile app, designed specifically for your exchange and your members or from any computer or tablet.

You completely control and own your members and we are here to help you, not interfere or change how you run your exchange.

Website hosting is free.

  • The only barter software with a help menu for you as a manager and for your members so they can easily learn how your site functions.
  • A mobile app that is customized for you and your specific members allowing access from any smart phone or tablet.
  • To use the Marketplace to buy or sell items there are no fees of any kind.
  • For corporate sites or multiple sites the max. fee is only $500.00 per month for all sites combined.
  • We never charge to import your existing database, why would anyone?
  • The Trade Alliance® barter software can process credit cards directly into each Exchanges Merchant Account, or the merchant account of their choice.
  • The Trade Alliance® barter software is one of the best in the industry because it is developed and updated by barter professionals who actually use the barter software and understand your needs.
  • The Marketplace is updated regularly and unlike other barter sites we monitor daily all offerings and delete outdated offers and reject over priced offers.
  • Only in The Trade Alliance can you decide not only which items go out on the daily bulletin but when and you can decide which offers are offered in the marketplace for your members.
  • Full Want List is Present.
  • Complete User editable HTML formatted descriptions and search are in place for both store items and non inventoried Goods and Services.
  • A Full Hotel / Travel / Vacation / Accommodations Section.
  • Members Full Transaction History as well as ALL Statements are always on line. Including the current Month to Date Statement.
  • Automatic new item store notices and HTML formatted email you can send easily to your members.
  • Multiple Web Site Managers with many levels of permissions and controls.
  • Separate Buy/Sell fees in both Cash and Barter unique for each member are in place (enabled only if you so choose).
  • We do not give ridiculous lines of credit allowing a certain privileged few to buy any and all offers while you try to run your business on sound business principles. Line of Credit/Available Funds spending control is in place.
  • Extensive, readable easy to use reports, Transaction Reports, Daily, monthly and yearly sales and fee reports, Collection Reports, Commission Reports, 1099’s
  • The Trade Alliance® barter software is formatted so you can run your business the way you want to.
  • Site Visitor and Member tracking allows you to watch your members surfing the web and tells you when the last time they were on the website.
  • Other barter software providers brag about new enhancements they have that we have had for years.
  • Multiple Currencies with seamless transactions between currencies and Multiple Languages.
  • Everything is done in real time. You are in control of your business, on-line, from anywhere.
  • Why pay 20% more every month for barter software from others that does less and offers less in real support. Our brokers and staff of programmers are not one and the same.
  • We do NOT wait years to make an enhancement to the system. We are constantly upgrading and improving and adding functions and features the software and hardware system. Our task list and priority comes from the feed back of the Exchanges using The Trade Alliance® barter software.
  • The most up to date Microsoft servers and latest programming language are used.
  • Multiple server backup site locations insure the least likely event of the entire system being down.
  • Our Development & Programming Staff are NOT also the exchange owner and broker all rolled into one.
  • The only real question here is, why pay more to out-source your business needs? $395.00 per month or less versus $500.00 per month or more and we have no monthly fees.
  • As others say, Lets be very clear here, money in your pocket, money in someone’s else’s pocket…..
    The Trade Alliance barter software “The Better Way to Barter”, Truly clear choices with clear solutions.

Right from your mobile phone with at least support for WAP you or your members can post transactions.

The interface is designed so that even with a small screen it can be used.
It also takes into account the small keyboard and with a minimum of typing your transaction will be posted.

For managers this interface allows to post transactions on behalf of any of their members.


[nggallery id=4]

The mobile app for all software users in The Trade Alliance® is now active, customized for each exchange with their member list and their feature items from the Marketplace and accessible from any smart phone or tablet.

We are now in the year of mobile devices. Trends shows that more and more people will browse the Internet using their phone, smart phone or tablet instead of a regular computer.

Note that the mobile app is customized for your exchange and your members and they can access your member list, do transactions and e-mail or phone any of your members with one click. See this article for some screenshots. Members can now also download scrip / Certificates that are offered in The Marketplace so they no longer have to wait for them to be mailed to them.

A lot of people think that because the data is available thru their Internet connection, it is more at risk than when stored on a computer in their office. They are right and wrong at the same time.

It is not very different from questioning whether you should store your money at the bank or below your mattress. When at the bank, people will know where the money is but at the same time the bank is a professional institution taking security very seriously. On the other side, when below your mattress, you think no-one will ever look for it there and that it is safe.

Same thing for your data, when stored with us, we are professionals taking security very seriously:

  • All communication is encrypted using HTTPS just like banking sites
  • We are certified by Visa and MasterCard by an independent auditor (Security Metrics) as such they audit us every quarter for compliance.