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The Trade Alliance barter software pricing is “Success Based”, which means that we price our services so that when you get started you can get access to the same services other established exchanges have at a fraction of the cost. At the same time, established exchanges using  The Trade Alliance barter software benefit from the cap on fees to grow more. All that to make sure you are profitable from the very beginning until you become the #1 exchange in your market using The Trade Alliance cutting edge barter software.

Unlike most other suppliers we do not hide what our services cost.


Monthly Fee:

  • Only 1/2 of 1% of transactions per month (*).
  • Fee is capped at $500.00 per month no matter how high your monthly sales and purchases are.
  • If you have 2,3,4, or even 5  different barter websites your total cost is still never more than $500.00 for all the sites combined.
  • No other charges, no hidden fees, no barter fees.

Setup Fee:

  • New Exchanges
    For new exchanges with less than 50 members, setup cost is $200.00. That includes all consulting, all necessary forms and your website. There is then no additional costs for 2 months as you have free use of the barter software for that period.
  • Established Exchanges
    For existing established exchanges with more than 50 active members there is no cost to convert your company to The Trade Alliance barter software platform. We take care of bringing your data over and making the transition as smooth as possible, provide consulting, training, transfer over your corporate e-mail accounts and migrate your website.

(*) A minimum monthly fee of $35USD applies to support the infrastructure