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The Trade Alliance provides the most feature rich barter software to the barter and trade industry. In addition to complete management software to run your barter business we also offer a toll free number for your members to call in for trade authorizations and complete billing services with all revenues paid directly to your bank account.

A complete help menu on your barter website for your barter members and also a complete help menu for the management software as well. We also give all barter company members full support in helping you get set up, a complete travel dept. for your barter travel needs.

Current barter software users are from all over the United States, Canada, and trade members in Asia, Europe, South America and the Middle East.

Our rates for the use of our barter software are less than rates charged by other software providers and there is no cost to convert your current software data to our system for established trade exchanges. (those with 50 or more members)

With our online barter software and full support features you can spend more time in the field signing up new trade members and increase your barter business by using our barter shopping mall where you have access to buy and sell with thousands of other trade partners using The Trade Alliance Barter Software.

We will be happy to let you talk to users of our barter software so they can tell you why they switched to our barter software.

As an exchange using The Trade Alliance world class barter software you are able to barter with ten’s of thousands of businesses throughout the US when your exchange is part of The Trade Alliance family of barter companies.

No hidden fees, no barter fees, and unlimited consulting and assistance. No charge to host your website if you choose to have us host your site.

Find accommodations in places like Hawaii, Phoenix, Costa Rica, Belize, Orlando, Houston, St. Louis, Mexico and  many other destinations.



Any exchange, anywhere can now do trades with any barter company worldwide.

They simply have to join and they will have access to all the other exchanges that join.

Cost is $25.00 per year then only 1/2 of 1% transaction fee on any sale or purchase. Just like UC but without the high monthly and annual fees.

Sell goods and services to a much larger network than before. We recognize that most business is done with your own members but every exchange has things that need more exposure.

Members also need a wider range of goods and services than any 1 exchange or network can offer.

Exchanges that join also will have access to the contact information of every other exchange in this network. Need a hotel or resort in another city or country? Reach out to an exchange in that area and they often will be able to accommodate you. Every exchange also has goods and services that are either not bought or services that are under used. Post them here and you will have the opportunity to reach more people than ever before., run by barter professionals with over 50 years in the barter industry and over 15 years of offering barter software.

You can also e-mail us at or call direct at 352 505-4848 and we will be happy to discuss this opportunity with you.

The Trade Alliance software now has a rewards Program so every barter exchange in The Trade Alliance network can offer their members  cash back rewards.